SHRED is going to launch soon!

Thu, May 14, 2009


It’s been a ton of of hard work and I still have a website redesign for our website and store, a photoshoot to do, and get everything in order before we launch SHRED.

Here is a mockup of the design so far. Let me know what you think. It reminds me of the 300. This is SPARTA!!!!

shredsitenew21 SHRED is going to launch soon!

Thanks for everyone who has been so supportive. The designs are amaing, we have some great band support behind us, and I am just really happy with everything we’ve done. I can’t wait to get these back from the printer. This shirts will certainly SHRED.

shred final mock1 SHRED is going to launch soon!

All of this great info about starting a clothing company is going to be removed when we launch. Don’t worry¬† all of these articles are going to be posted on my blog

Thanks again, I would love to hear any feedback you guys have about SHRED.

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7 Comments For This Post

  1. Andreaus Says:

    Nice designs guys. I plan to launch my line next summer. I have to trademark and stuff before I start. Then i would like to find some artists to collab with as well as music acts. Good luck and maybe one day we could collab.

  2. Jeff Says:

    Really looking forward to the launch.. all the designs look awesome. Congrats man.

  3. Rashaun Says:

    Looking good man, you work very hard on a lot of the small details, can’t wait to rock them and see the new site!

  4. skilla Says:

    All the best Jon!

  5. WeRoqq Says:

    Awesome designs guys! Can’t wait to see more

  6. Ruchi Says:

    awesome designs dude!

  7. Jackon Says:

    I am going to be adding this to my listing of book marks.

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