Chico Bike Races 2009

Fri, Jun 26, 2009


Chico Bike Races 2009

I had the honor of attending this years Chico Bike Races. Since none of you have ever heard of it I will fill you in. There are 6 houses and at each house there is a team. Each team has a certain theme, my houses theme was Dorothy from Wizard of Oz (this is why I am wearing a dress and lipstick). At each house there is a a bunch of alcohol. Some houses have champagne, keg, mixed drinks, you never get the same thing twice. After we finish all the alcohol we ride our bikes to the next house riding through traffic lights making a ruckus.

chico bike races1 600x450 Chico Bike Races 2009

The first house was champagne and mimosas. We got there a little early and I think I started off way to strong, especially since it was the Chico Bike Races. My friend Jeff decided to be Dorothy from the Golden girls and no one complained, he pulled it off.

chico bike races4 600x450 Chico Bike Races 2009

If you think I looked weird with a dress you should have seen some of the other characters there. I forgot what Mike was dressing up as but he went all out and even wore high heels for the first 10 minutes.

chicobikeraces3 600x450 Chico Bike Races 2009

Here I am stealing a comboy’s gun and having some fun.

chico bike races2 600x450 Chico Bike Races 2009

The best thing about the Chico Bike Races is riding your bike from house to house while someone blocks all the traffic from you. It was 100 people in crazy costumes riding throught the streets. I wish I could have lasted longer but by the 4th house I was wasted and had to be taken home so I could pass out. Next year’s Chico Bike races will go better for me.

bikeraces Chico Bike Races 2009

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  1. Nick G Says:

    Man that’s wicked awsum…i never had heard of the chico races before today, but def sumtin i want to be a part of next year.

    My buddy & I are currently in the works with CAUSTIC THREADS, our clothing company that will be up and running end of 2009. Some realy sick gear coming out, i’ll keep ya posted!

  2. Nick Says:

    Haha this was an amazing read.

  3. Jon Kruse Says:

    I have been on so many adventure since this I just haven’t had time to post about them. Hopefully I can get them up soon.

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